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Darcy Paige is the cheerful leader of Laurel Garden Design. She has been gardening for, let’s just say, a long time, and designing for others since 1996. Always involved in the creative arts - illustration and cooking in the early years - Darcy decided to turn her lifelong passion for nature and gardening into her career in the 1990’s.

Darcy was self-taught at first, reading voraciously and experimenting in her own gardens more than her family probably cared for (“Take off the head lamp, Mom, and come in, it’s bed time!”).

In 2003 she became a Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist (MCH), and in 2008 was certified as a NOFA Organic Land Care Professional (OLCP).

In 2010, she graduated with a Masters Certificate in Landscape Design from the Landscape Institute of Harvard University and the BAC (Boston Architectural College). She is now considering applying for a grant to develop simpler names for her degrees and certifications!

Darcy is dedicated to designing gardens with both the client and the environment in mind. She uses native plants, sustainable practices and maintains gardens organically. Her own garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat and has been featured on two garden tours. In 2011, and again in 2012, she was chosen by Magnetic Productions to create backyard makeover designs for 5 homeowners on Cape Cod for the HGTV show ‘Going Yard’.
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The LGD Gardeners

Among Darcy’s fellow and fellowette gardeners, you will find a variety of plant-loving people:

  • an aspiring student market farmer growing greens for a local restaurant in her sustainable farming program
  • a friend to all little creatures who has been seen rescuing snakes, spiders, and salamanders from window wells
  • a permaculture devotee who is so loved by birds that they actually land on her shoulder
  • a flower nut (who isn’t nuts for flowers?!) who cuts from her own garden for local florists
  • a birthing coach, who can occasionally be heard using special breathing techniques to get through some of the heaviest physical garden work!

Everyone one on the team brings hard work, dedication, knowledge, and joy to your garden.
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who we are
Laurel Garden Design offers organic landscape services in the greater Boston area. We like to use organic practices and New England native plants that please our clients and support wildlife. Darcy Paige is a NOFA certified Organic Land Care Professional and everyone on the LGD team loves bugs.
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